An inspiring story about a hard-working gran has gravely upset Gen Zers who have slammed her work ethic.

Vesela Grujoska, 80, has spent the past 50 years working at Sydney’s Central Station as a cleaner after migrating to Australia from Macedonia in 1970.

She initially worked in a factory but it was her dream to work on the railway.

One day her neighbour helped her get a job by writing a letter for her to take to Rockdale railway station.

She was given a job at Central Station and her dream became a reality.

Vesela, or ‘Vesa’ as she is affectionately known by colleagues, has worked every single Christmas Day apart from three and she has never taken a sick day.

Speaking to SBSMacedonian she said that working “kept her young” and that not working would be a “disaster”, adding that she will probably work until she’s 100.

While working at Central Station she raised two children as a single mother after her marriage broke down.

Vesa paid an elderly neighbour to look after her children while she worked hard to support them.

Those children now have degrees and well paying jobs and Vesa is a doting grandmother to three grandchildren.

SBS News shared Vesa’s story to their Instagram story but not everyone was impressed at her incredible achievement.

“But if you are sick it’s also okay to take a sick day. I don’t like the hero-ship for people that never take a day off,” one person commented.

“Work is not everything in your life,” said another.

“Normalising working till you drop? No thanks,” a third added.

A fourth said: “That’s great she’s happy but I’m seeing more and more people of retirement age forced to stay in or go back to the workforce.

“I’ve also seen a lot of media trying to normalise this lately. I hope everyone gets the chance to rest and enjoy their last years in dignity and comfort.”

Others praised Vesa for her life’s work.

“What a noble character,” one said.

Another said: “Hope they gave her a pay rise too!”


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