An incensed woman has been filmed hurling a traffic cone at an L-plate driver in an expletive-laden road rage incident in Western Australia.

It’s understood the bizarre outburst took place at an intersection on a busy road in Victoria Park in central Perth over the weekend.

Footage of the interaction, shared to TikTok, begins with the woman marching down a roadside footpath while screaming abuse at the car.

Woman attacks L-plate driver in expletive-laden road rage outburst

She continues to scream “f*** you” as she storms down the road in front of standstill traffic, before pretending to peg her handbag in the direction of the car.

She then reaches for an orange traffic cone placed under a street sign to her right and throws it at the car.

“F***ing sl**, move on up!” she screams, before storming back to the flashy black BMW idling behind her.

The camera pans behind them to show the SUV she came from – still beeping the car’s horn.

At one point the male driver holds the horn down for nine straight seconds as the person calmly filming the ordeal is urged to mark down the number plate.

The woman eventually sits down and puts her seatbelt on, but does not stop screaming with her head out of the passenger-side window.

She keeps screaming as the driver merges to the right lane to flee the scene – not without getting in on the action himself: giving two more honks of the horn and flipping a middle-finger at the learner driver ahead of them.

The video has since racked up more than 262,000 views on TikTok, and drawn thousands of comments demanding an explanation for what triggered the bizarre outburst.

“Curious what happened before this … people don’t usually get out of their car and start throwing cones for no reason,” one person commented.
A number of people slammed the SUV owner’s “disgusting behaviour”, writing “we were all learners at one stage”.

“Absolutely disgusting behaviour. I am so sick of this sh*t. Control your anger and grow up!”

Others were baffled why the enraged driver “would not just change lanes”.

“This is so bad! It’s always the ones with the rich cars too hey … Y’all so “classy”,” one wrote, adding: “this is messed up I hope karma gets back to them.”

The user who posted the video wrote in the comments section that she took the video to police.

News.com.au has approached them for comment.

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