A shocking report of alleged anti-Semitism has hit one of Australia’s major cities, with a caller to a major radio station claiming four young men drove around Melbourne on Tuesday asking residents, “Where are the Jews? We want to kill the Jews.”

“Yesterday my daughter came home at around 10 to 6pm and played for me a recording of a guy who taped a conversation when he was asked to pull down his window in South Yarra,” Peter told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Wednesday.

“Where are the Jews? We want to kill the Jews,” the men allegedly said.

“Later about 6.30pm, another voicemail and then a text message came that they were in balaclavas in Carlisle St, again wound down a window, spoke to a girl and said, ‘Where are all the Jews?’” Peter said.

“That’s really in the heart of East St Kilda where there are a lot of private Jewish schools.”

Mitchell later played a short recording of another man who recorded his alleged interaction with the men.

The man said four young men in a car had told him “we’re on the hunt to kill Jews”.

The allegations have not been verified.

Victoria Police has confirmed it is investigating the alleged anti-Semitic threats made in South Yarra.

“Police have been told a car pulled over near a man on Toorak Rd near Williams Rd when threats were made by occupants of the car about 4pm,” a Victoria Police spokesman said on Wednesday.

“Detectives are investigating the circumstances and the investigation remains ongoing.

“There is absolutely no place at all in our society for anti-Semitic or hate-based behaviour and Victoria Police is committed to responding to any such acts.”

A sudden burst of anti-Semitism has erupted across Australia following Hamas’ attack on Israel over the weekend.

On Monday night, crowds at a pro-Palestine rally at the Sydney Opera House chanted “f**k the Jews” and “gas the Jews”, a reference to the Nazi Holocaust that slaughtered more than six million Jews in Europe in the 1940s.

NSW Premier Chris Minns condemned the scenes at the Opera House as “abhorrent”.

“To have some people celebrate atrocious indiscriminate killing and kidnapping in Israel is appalling,” he said.

“This is the opposite of the dynamic multicultural community we want in NSW and Australia.”

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