A blame game has erupted over the failure of the referendum with Anthony Albanese lashing the Liberal Party for refusing to offer bipartisan support amid plans for a period of “silence” to mourn the result.

As Prominent Yes campaigners slammed the “disgusting” tactics of Peter Dutton, Mr Albanese first blamed the Liberal Party for the result but also criticised the media.

“The analysis will go on for some time. But no referendum has been successful without bipartisan support. None,’’ Mr Albanese said.

A statement from indigenous leaders issued by the Yes23 campaign declared that now was a “time for silence, to mourn and deeply consider the consequence of this outcome”.

“The referendum was a chance for newcomers to show a long-refused grace and gratitude and to acknowledge that the brutal dispossession of our people underwrote their every advantage in this country,” the statement said.

“For more than six years, we have explained to our nation why the Voice was our great hope to achieve real change for our families and communities.”

“Much will be asked about the role of racism and prejudice against Indigenous people in this result. The only thing we ask is that each and every Australian who voted in this election reflect hard on this question.”

“We are calling A Week of Silence from tonight (Saturday 14th October) to grieve this outcome and reflect on its meaning and significance. We will not be commenting further on the result at this time.”

But taking aim at the No campaign’s claim that the Voice would have a say on everything including interest rates, Mr Albanese mocked the suggestion.

“You know, the Reserve Bank can rest easy now that they won’t be getting advice on interest rates before the next meeting,’’ he said.

“We have had, including in outlets represented in this room, discussions about a range of things that were nothing to do with what was on the ballot paper tonight.

“You all know that that has occurred. Debates about the length of the Uluru Statement from the Heart that no-one serious, in this room – does anyone in this room think that it was more than it was?.”

But speaking on Sky News after the speech concluded, broadcaster Peta Credlin accused him of “whinging and moaning about disinformation”.

Meanwhile, leading Yes campaigner Thomas Mayo blasted the “disgusting” No campaign.

“We have seen a disgusting No campaign, a campaign that has been dishonest, that has lied to the Australian people and I’m sure that will come out in the analysis,” he told the ABC.

“I’m sure that history will reflect poorly on Peter Dutton, Pauline Hanson, all of those that have opposed this, and so, I don’t know what’s next but it’s just devastating.”

Liberal leader Peter Dutton paid tribute to the No campaigners Liberal Senator Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine and Senator Kerryn Liddle.

“This result does not divide us as a people. What matters is that we all accept the

result in this great spirit of our democracy,’’ he said.

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