Australians are lamenting the state of one of the country’s most beloved biscuits, taking to social media to claim they’re not what they’re used to be.

In a post on Reddit, one user asked “what the hell [had] happened” to Arnott’s Iced VoVos – the iconic biscuit topped with pink fondant, raspberry jam and coconut that’s been around since 1906.

“I haven’t had one for ages [at] least a decade,” the user wrote.

“On a whim I bought a pack. Boy was I disappointed.”

Others agreed, complaining Arnott’s had downgraded their biscuits – in both size and quality – for years.

“Everything Arnott’s has touched has been murdered,” one declared.

“Orange Creams have less cream and taste stale, Shortbread Creams taste sickly and fake, Monte Carlos have red and white hardened glue instead of filling, Kingston’s are like 30% crumbs, Delta creams just taste wrong, Nice, I wish they were.”

“I don’t mind a Iced Vovo every now and then but they do seem smaller these days,” another agreed.

“And the coconut and jam seems much firmer and less off than I remember them being originally.”

“I also had one after a long gap and completely lost my sh*t. It’s like they hate us,” a third commented.

Some said Arnott’s biscuits haven’t been the same since the company sold to private American investment company KKR in 2019.

But, in a statement to Yahoo, a spokesperson insisted the recipe and biscuit size of the Iced VoVo has not changed.

“We know Iced VoVo biscuits are a much-loved product amongst Australians, and we are consistently listening to our consumers to ensure our products meet high-quality standards.

“Our Iced Vovo biscuits continue to be made by our wonderful team in Marleston, South Australia, who have been delivering the same delicious recipe of smooth fondant, sweet raspberry jammy flavoured topping, and a sprinkle of coconut all on a delicate golden biscuit that Aussies have loved for decades.

“As well as the recipe, the biscuit size of our Iced VoVo has stayed the same in recent years.”


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