Digs like “gold digger,” “delusional” and “money dog,” are being savagely slingshotted at a self-crowned femininity influencer after she advised women to aviod dating “broke men”.

Sofia Kralow praised her husband for his deep pockets and went viral recently for encouraging women against dating guys without cash but her unsolicited advice just isn’t clicking with keyboard critics.

“Daily reminder to never date broke men,” urged TikTok tastemaker Sofia Kralow, based in Dubai, in the on-screen text of her controversial clip, New York Post reported.

The trending footage, which has stacked up over 1.3 million views, features the brunette being lavished with helicopter rides, designer accessories, luxury cars and wads of cash via husband Thomas Kralow, an affluent hedge fund manager and YouTuber.

“Raise your standards,” she penned in the caption, punctuating her pearls of wisdom with hashtags such as “#PrincessTreatment,” “#Goals,” and “#Millionaire.”

As a finishing touch, Kralow — who, in other clips, unabashedly flaunts the posh perks of being a wealthy man’s wife such as hulking bouquets of roses, exotic vacations, enviable spa treatments and fistfuls of dough — topped off the post with a remixed sound bite of rapper Latto coquettishly saying, “Thank you to my man”.

But rather than being dazzled by her glamorous trappings, women were disappointed in Kralow’s presumed financial dependence.

“No thanks I rather have my own money and be in love,” wrote a self-sufficient naysayer in the comments.

“So we’re going back 100 years to being dependent on a man’s salary again? Great message,” quipped an equally unimpressed feminist.

“Daily reminder become independent. We don’t need a man to take care of us” another added.

Others however, including outraged men, shamed Kralow for her dating directive.

“Gold digger, money dog,” someone said.

“Lmao date rich man??? Get out of here with your delusional mindset,” another digital hater spat, in part.

“Poor man, when the runs out of money, the woman also leaves. [These] kind of girls are not in love with men — only money,” wrote another.

And when it came to the shade she received directly, Kralow, too, remained unruffled by the rough rebukes.

In a separate video, she asked, “Can someone explain to me please where is the connection between never dating a broke man and being dependent on a rich man or any man?”

“If you are dating [a] rich man,” Kralow said in conclusion, “you can be rich by yourself also!”

This story was originally published on the New York Post and reproduced with permission


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