Mum influencer Chantel Schnider has revealed the unorthodox way she’s avoiding her “miserable” menstruation – by getting pregnant annually so she doesn’t have her period at all.

The Canadian mum of two, who is pregnant with her third child, detailed her bizarre period-prevention measures in a video with 4.4 million views, the New York Post reports.

“When he gets you pregnant every year so you don’t have to deal with a period,” Chantel, who has more than 660,900 followers on TikTok and 150,000 more on Instagram, declared.

Posting under the moniker the Alexander Family, Chantel and her husband, Aaron Alexander, regularly upload videos about the trials and tribulations of expecting a baby, including pregnancy-induced cravings, bad gas, and even just trying to leave the house.

Fortunately, being pregnant isn’t all bad, according to the influencer.

In the aforementioned clip, she detailed getting pregnant annually prevents her from having to have a period.

In the six-second snippet, she can be seen dancing with her family and feeding her husband lollies alongside audio that sings, “Thank you to my man.”

Her avoidance technique sounds counterintuitive – akin to deliberately contracting Covid-19 to avoid getting the vaccine.

However, she said pregnancy is preferable, declaring in the comments: “My pregnancies are absolutely miserable but somehow I’d still rather be pregnant [than have] a period.”

Chantel will likely stave off menstruation for quite some time, as she plans to have up to 10 kids, according to another of her comments.

The Post has contacted to Chantel for comment.

Needless to say, her unconventional method drew mixed reviews. One person dubbed the serial child-bearer “smart”, and another called her husband “superman”.

“Omg I love this,” wrote a third.

Some supporters claimed they’d also had success with repeatedly getting knocked up to stop the cycle.

“Same, I’ve been pregnant since 2020,” another wrote.

But some were less convinced by her methods.

“Ummm … even if it’s a joke it’s not really funny tbh,” one person commented, while another wrote, “That’s not cute.”

Others suggested that Chantel simply use birth control.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission


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