If never forgetting was an award, this woman won it.

A Dallas woman sabotaged a man for 15 years by ruining his favourite TV shows and, she claims, his engagement after he wronged her friend one night back in college, the NY Post reports.

In a TikTok video titled “This is genuinely unhinged”, Linda Solley Hurd recalled the night she was enjoying her night out with friends at a comedy show when one of her friends mistakenly knocked over a drink onto a man’s lap.

Ms Hurd said the man was so furious that he spit on her friend, calling the woman a “stupid fat b***h”.

“I’m screaming in this guy’s face,” Ms Hurd said. “That’s assault. You’re disgusting. You’re trash. And he calls me an ugly b***h.”

“We move on with our night, we do not move on with our lives,” Ms Hurd tells viewers in the clip that now has over 4.4 million views.

Certainly not forgiving or forgetting, Ms Hurd tracked down the man’s Facebook, where she noticed he was a massive fan of iconic shows Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

Feeling vengeful, Ms Hurd cleverly created fake Facebook accounts to spoil episodes on a weekly basis for both shows through direct messages.

“This was back when the shows were airing [on TV] and you get one a week. So you would do anything to avoid a spoiler,” she said. “I go search for all the spoilers. I go on Reddit. I get on all the forums. Everything.

Ms Hurd said the man tried to block every single fake account she made, but she just kept creating more and spoiling his television fun.

“I do that for a couple of months and then I’m over the grudge,” she said.

Ms Hurd then revealed the man ended up in her political science class, which afforded her another opportunity to continue her scheme.

“He is devil’s advocate for everything,” Ms Hurd said. “Every trash opinion you could have, he has it.”

“One day he’s firing up his PowerPoint to the projector for a class project and I see in his tab in his laptop right before it fires up [with] a little username.”

Thanks to her spying Ms Hurd was able to track down the young man’s Reddit account, she claims.

She said she spammed him with more spoilers, but then gave it a break.

Ms Hurd briefly retired from the vengeful fun and didn’t bother the man for almost a decade until a mutual Facebook friend announced her engagement to the man.

“I find out [they’re engaged] when they’re pretty close to their wedding, and I was like, ‘I haven’t thought about this guy in so long,’” she said. “So I look up his Reddit to see if he’s still using it.”

Ms Hurd rushed to the man’s Reddit account to see what he’s been up to all these years, and discovered some “sinister things”.

“I see some pretty sinister stuff on his Reddit,” Ms Hurd said. “There are pictures that he’s passing off as her [his fiancee].”

“If it was your partner, you would wanna know.”

Ms Hurd said she signed into one of her unused Facebook accounts and messaged the man’s Reddit post to his “then-fiancee”.

Ms Hurd said the woman “breaks off the engagement” after sending her a few of the “sinister” Reddit posts, and is now remarried with children.

“The last I checked, I saw her, she’s got beautiful children and a thriving business and seems to have a happy marriage,” she said of the woman.

This article originally appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission


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