A woman has been slammed for wearing an altered wedding dress on her twin’s big day, but her sister has come out to defend her.

Anastasia Domanico took to TikTok to show off her outfit for her sister Francesca’s wedding last week. She explained that it was her own wedding dress that had been altered.

She wore an A-line dress with a square neckline from Peter Trends Bridal for the occasion, which had been altered since Mrs Domanico wore it for her own wedding in Venice in 2022.

This time, the dress featured a dramatic black bow around the waistline and an altered hem.

Mrs Domanico showed off her outfit for her twin’s wedding, explaining her sister was at a cocktail hour upstairs while she quickly filmed the video.

“My friend Madeleine and I were just freshening up,” the young woman explained.

“I’m actually wearing my wedding dress. You can see the bottom and there is a bow in the back.”

Social media flipped out at the idea that she had worn the dress to the wedding.

“Did u say you’re at your sister’s wedding in a white dress … your wedding dress? What,” one shocked social media user commented.

Another said: “Can we normalise NOT wearing wedding dresses to a wedding?”

“No. no. no. no. This is not your night. No,” another said emphatically.

However, one social media user finally asked the right question: “Please tell me the dress code is all white?”

Mrs Domanico confirmed the theme was indeed black and white. Her sister also specifically requested that her twin wear her wedding dress.

Francesca didn’t have a traditional wedding, but her sister was acting in a maid-of-honour capacity and she wanted Mrs Domanico to stand out.

After being unable to find the perfect dress, Francesca had the idea her sister could wear her own wedding gown, according to Insider.

“I wouldn’t have cared if it had the train, but the modifications of it made it look more like a guest or maid-of-honour dress,” she told the publication.


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