The Matildas may have played their best football of the FIFA Women’s World Cup while wearing turquoise, downing Canada 4-nil in the group stage, but the uniform is giving some Australian fans a headache.

Soccer lovers, or those who want to catch the Matildas one last time before Sunday’s WWC final between England and Spain, tuned into the third-place clash between Australia and Sweden on Saturday to see the home side wearing their away kit.

This wouldn’t be confusing in and of itself, but Sweden donned their home game jersey, and the predominantly yellow outfit had a lot of Australian fans thinking the Swedes were the Matildas.

Matildas fans took to social media to express their anguish over the kit choice.

“Switched onto the soccer and just realised for 4 minutes I’ve been cheering for Sweden in gold,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Kit colors really throwing me off so far, Australia should be in yellow. Everyone switch kits and lets start over,” said another on the social media platform, currently rebranding to X.

The reason for the confusing kits has to do with the initial group stages of the WWC.

Australia was in a lower stage compared to Sweden, so even though Australia are co-hosting the tournament with New Zealand, the Scandinavians have the right to wear their home uniform under FIFA’s rules.

The Matilda’s away kits, turquoise with blue trim, are designed to represent the ocean surrounding Australia.


The confusion over the uniforms quickly transformed into rage on social media as Sweden was awarded an erroneous penalty.

Clare Hunt clipped the back foot of Stina Blackstenius as they chased the ball in the first half; both players went down, but Sweden called for a penalty.

After a check of the VAR, Sweden was awarded the penalty shot, with Frindolina Rolfo putting one in the back of the net to leave Australia down one-nil at half time.

Australian fans were understandably not amused.

“Just the absolute worst aspects of the game on show there,” said one Twitter user.

“that penalty was absolutely ridiculous where is the consistency from the ref??” said another.

“Can’t let Sweden win off the softest penalty of all time,” said yet another as Aussies vented over the controversial call.

There were also a number of jokes calling for a boycott of Swedish furniture giant Ikea.

“There’s no malice in the challenge but this is the determination the referee has to make,” former Matilda Grace Gill said while commentating for Channel Seven.

England and Spain clash on Sunday evening in the WWC final.

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