Talk about ill-gotten gains.

Sick and tired of putting up with her boss, one scheduling-savvy staffer claims she hatched a sick-and-twisted revenge plot.

She got under his skin by pretending to be under the weather, the New York Post reports.

“When you never call out and have over 200 sick hours — so when they pissed you off you left sick every day for almost two months,” boasted a Baltimore Public Schools employee, known online as Britt_Bratt, in a trending TikTok testimonial.

In the feverishly viral clip, which fetched a whopping 603,000 views from impressed onlookers this month, Britt gave audiences a sneak peek at the hundreds of paid time-off hours she’s racked up at her job over the past two years — dating back to September 2021.

Shocked spectators questioned the vengeful vixen’s workplace caper, asking: “I wanna know how you have 200 SICK hours. What?! That’s like more than most people’s PTO.”

The out-of-office pro explained, “[My job] allows it to rollover and … I almost never called out! We get like 80 [PTO hours] a year.”

Her hack for getting back at execs via accumulated sick days is just one of many ways disgruntled workers are retaliating against disliked superiors.

Gen Zers with axes to grind against their higher-ups have pioneered the “malicious compliance” trend, quietly wreaking havoc by providing discounts and freebies to customers at the company’s expense.

And in May, a woman who was laid off from her post pulled an “absolutely cruel” prank on her ex-bosses, leaving the entire workplace in upheaval.

“To prove that I will never actually leave, I hid these tiny pictures of myself all over the office with different things in the speech bubble,” cackled the avenger while detailing the stunt to a stunned TikTok audience of over 5.5 million viewers.

And unmerciful folks like Britt, who sought workplace retribution by using an employer’s PTO policies against itself, flooded her comments with the details of their own mischievous victories.

“I just took 3 weeks off and it was all sick time,” bragged a full-time genius. “Now I’m at my new job and about to get paid for all my vacation hours.”

“I got 165 [sick hours] right now, don’t make me mad,” a no-nonsense worker warned her supervisors.

“Did this at my previous job,” another spiteful conniver recalled with glee, adding, “and then they regretted it when I wasn’t there to do the job.”

This article originally appeared on the NY Post and was reproduced with permission.

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