Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has laughed off suggestion Princess Mary should have her Australian citizenship revoked for rooting for Denmark in the World Cup clash with the Matildas.

Hobart-born Mary, who married Danish Crown Prince Frederik in 2004, was put in a tricky spot ahead of the quarter-final decider.

Just hours ahead of Denmark and the Matildas squaring off in their round of 16 match at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, she shared a picture of her and her dog Grace with the Danish flag on their faces.

“We cheer from ‘Top Over’ and all the way ‘Down Under’, when the match against Australia starts at the World Cup,” the crown prince couple wrote on the Danish Royal Family’s official account, translated to English.

“Come on Denmark,” the post concluded.

The post was met with good-natured social media comments that the Tasmanian-born Princess is betraying her home nation.

“Hard to choose who you’re rooting for … but no matter what it’s happy no matter who wins,” one person wrote.

“Wonder if Crown Princess Mary also hopes it will go well for her homeland Australia?” another asked.

The Matildas were ultimately victorious in the Round of 16 match up and will go on to play either Morocco or France in the quarterfinal in Brisbane on Saturday.

Speaking on morning radio after the win, Mr Albanese was asked if Princess Mary’s Matildas snub was enough to strip her of her citizenship.

“I think she’s done that already, mate. I think that’s how you get to be a princess,” the Prime Minister joked on Triple M Sydney.

The good-natured ribbing concluded with Mr Albanese saying Australia was “very proud” of its homegrown princess.

“I didn’t speak with her … and today I don’t think she’d take my call,” he laughed.

Mr Albanese said his office had texted him earlier to let him know they would be eating danishes for breakfast in celebration of the Matildas’ epic win.

Princess Mary, born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, met Prince Frederik of Denmark during the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The United States embassy in Australia has also posted ahead of the Matildas clash, with an edited .gif image of Homer Simpson wearing a USA cap, before disappearing into a hedge and re-emerging wearing Matildas gear after the US team was knocked out in a shock result against Sweden.

NSW Premier Chris Minns has also carried on his tradition of sending out a tweet before the Matildas take to the field in Sydney.

“Sydney is shining bright for the Matildas – and we’re all behind them. Let’s bring this home!,” he wrote.

Mr Albanese said national cabinet, which will meet next Wednesday, will discuss the possibility of a public holiday should the Matildas take home the World Cup trophy for the first time.

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